A Review of Ohio’s Automobile Customer Law

A Review of Ohio’s Vehicle Consumer Law

Any brand new automobile whether the car is purchased or leased including car, truck, motorcycles, light automobiles or heavy cars, is covered under a Ohio’s Lemon Law. This article is overview of Ohio’s vehicle customer law. What exactly are your alternatives, liberties, and obligations in the event the acquisition a defective motor vehicle in Ohio.


The Ohio Revised Code spells out particular conditions that may see whether or otherwise not your car is recognized as a “Lemon”.  Your car is considered a lemon under Ohio Law, if it has been into the store 3 x for similar problem or eight times regarding issue, within year of the acquisition and / or significantly less than 18,000 miles of use. If some of these problems have actually happened, you probably have claim in legislation.  So, watch out for listed here circumstances:


Vehicle is needed to be delivered for repairs for the same issue 3 times and it’s also maybe not fixed
Car is in the repair center for over 30 days as a whole.
Vehicle has been in the shop above eight times for just about any problem, significant or minor
Problem into the bought car is really really serious so it might cause a major accident or injury to other people as well as the supplier isn’t in place to fix it in the first attempt.


In case the car is considered a lemon, as defined by Ohio Law, you will be eligible for trade your automobile for an innovative new, or comparable vehicle valued around extent taken care of the lemon.  Instead, you’ll exchange the lemon for the full reimbursement of the cost.  Additionally, the consumer would additionally be entitled to attorney’s charges when it is essential to keep anyone to handle the matter.


Always remember, the auto makers are not around to provide away no-cost cars.  They will certainly most likely make an effort to battle you at each change.  However, if you are persistent, or perhaps you retain a qualified attorney, you will most certainly prevail together with your Ohio Lemon Law claim.


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